Amateur Variety Show Sign-Ups

Do you have a special talent that you'd like to show off? Well – now is the time to Shine like the star you are and WIN BIG!  Pride at the Pines Amateur Variety Show & Talent Contest is open to all amateur entertainers. Professional entertainers (including union musicians or those whose talent is a principal source of income) are not permitted to enter.


There will be three divisions:

Pre-Teen: Age 12 & Under
Teen: Age 13 to 17
Adults: Age 18+
Note: Accompanists, when not part of the act, may be any age.


When registering for a division, consider the following:
Check appropriate division for age group. Divisions will be limited to 10 entries. If this division is filled at time of registration, we will place according to what is available if another division does not fill completely.

Participants will be judged on various categories. Judges' results will be final.

All entries are not guaranteed a slot to perform.  You will receive a confirmation email immediately following your submission.  You must receive A TIME SLOT CONFIRMATION to be guaranteed a performance time slot.

Acts must be self-contained. A complete sound system with two microphones will be available. However, there will be no instrument amplifiers; therefore, you must bring them if you need them. A piano and a CD player will be provided. CDs may be used as accompaniment for acts.

Accompaniment: Vocalists may use a recorded instrumental accompaniment only; ABSOLUTELY NO VOCALS ARE ALLOWED ON THE RECORDING TO PREVENT DISQUALIFICATION.


Prizes will be given to the winners in all divisions.  Prizes, per division, as follows:

1st prize: $100.00
2nd prize: $75.00
3rd prize: $50.00
4th prize: $25.00

ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN MAY 31, 2021 UNTIL June 15th, 2021 OR UNTIL DIVISIONS ARE FULL. If you have any questions, contact Tyler Wilson at 518-954-9573. Entries will be received on a first-come first-serve basis with the consideration for variety in the total program. After your entry is received and accepted, you will receive admission tickets and more information. All accepted acts perform on Saturday June 26th, 2021 at the Pride Festival Main Stage at 3:00 PM.

Entry deadline: June 15th, 2021 at 11:59pm

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