National Talent

LaLaRi - RuPaul's Drag Race Queen - Season 13


RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 is going to feature Atlanta beauty LaLa Ri, because she had only been doing drag for three years prior to ,so LaLa Ri still considered herself a "baby queen." She was voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow queens. Even before the season started, LaLa is already making history for getting cast on the same season as her drag mother Tamisha Iman. The series has featured several drag performers who come from the same houses or families, but it's never happened that a mother and a daughter were cast on the same season. LaLa is best known as a dancer, but she wants to show the fans that she can do much more than that. 

Local Albany Talent


Avi Munster

“Hello from heaven, hell, and the sideways worlds. I’m Avi Munster, also known as “oh she’s here?”. I was hatched in the woods of Kingston, NY now residing in Albany, NY. A 55 year old chain smoking Hollywood actress living in a 26 year old boy’s body. I thrive to make you question your reality and tend to be consistently inconsistent.”


Kashi Golean 

Kashi Golean is THE local drag slag of the 518! She’s a delightful hybrid of classy trash, and a family bucket of chicken. Her comedic take on drag will leave you wishing you brought a change of undies. 

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Katarina Mirage

Katarina Mirage (she/her or they/them) is a member of the Haus of Peculiar located in New Paltz, NY and has been doing drag for around eight to nine years and performing for even longer. Though most well known for celebrity impersonations as Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Katarina performs everything from Cosplay to Camp, Broadway to Spook, and Glamour to Disney. (Aka she's a drag chameleon). She has traveled from as north as Vermont to as south as Florida performing and spreading love and the acceptance of Drag and queer culture. 


Opal Essence

Opal Essence is a 23 year old drag queen from Albany, NY.  Opal is the drag muppet and broadway diva.  She loves mixing Campy drag with fashion.  She also loves singing live and giving Disney illusions.  Opal hopes to travel the world and perform with/meet all sorts of performers from all walks of life.


Gemini Dabarbay

Gemini is a voluptuous beauty who resides in Lenox, Massachusetts. Wild, passionate, and sassy...Gemini says her love for the drag community stems from being around like minded people that understand her as an artist and performer. One of her biggest pieces of advice is to keep practicing and stay focused because it's too easy to lose yourself. 

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